Islamic calligraphy course

Islamic calligraphy course
Focused on Nastaliq calligraphy

1. Introduction

Come and learn “Nastaliq” — the timelessly elegant calligraphy style predominantly featured in classical Persian manuscripts.
Let the most acclaimed calligraphy masters teach you this sacred and exquisite art as you immerse yourself in the holy city of Qom, a cradle of Islamic-Persian art and architecture.
Practicing the ancient art of calligraphy will transport you to realms you have not yet witnessed, and will enable you to perceive manuscript calligraphy not only with your eyes, but with your heart also. Join us in this course, and begin your journey towards the place where craftsmanship, intellect, and sacred love meet.

2. Program details

Date topic topic Extracurricular
2019.8.4 Arrival + pickup to the hotel in Qom First calligraphy workshop 16-20
2019.9.4 First Persian patterns workshop(how to decorate a calligraphy) 11-13 second calligraphy workshop 16-20 An artistic visit to the holy shrine of lady Masoumeh
2019.10.4 Second Persian patterns workshop(how to decorate a calligraphy) 11-13 Third calligraphy workshop 16-20
2019.11.4 Third Persian patterns workshop(how to decorate a calligraphy) 11-13 Forth calligraphy workshop 16-20 Visiting the museum of the holy shrine
2019.12.4 Trip to Kashan Fin Garden, historical houses, Agha Bozorg mosque,
2019.13.4 Forth Persian patterns workshop(how to decorate a calligraphy) 11-13 Fifth calligraphy workshop 16-20 Visiting old hand written manuscripts in Ayatollah Marashi Najafi library
2019.14.4 Fifth Persian patterns workshop(how to decorate a calligraphy) 11-13 Sixth calligraphy workshop 16-20 Our trip to Isfahan would be on this day
Visiting Sacred Architecture of Isfahan Si-o-se-pol &, Imam Mosque, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque & Ali Qapu palace Jameh Mosque of Isfahan
Visiting Architecture of Isfahan Watching the sunrise at the historical bridges, Trip to Tehran Khaju Bridge Chehel Sotoun Palace, Hasht behesht palace, Vank cathedral
Visiting Tehran’s art museums Iran’s national museum, Malek museum, Tabiat bridge


3. Course outcome

The students would learn the basics of Nastaliq calligraphy and will learn how to read & writ the words written in this calligraphy style and if you’re good enough you might even be able to understand some of the words as well.

4. Certificate

All students receive a graduation certificate upon completion of their program, which is granted by the Islamic School of Art (ISOA).

5. Requirements

To participate in the program, applicants are required to agree to make a presentation in all classes and Workshops/discussions organized as part of the program. All the materials for the course will be provided in the course.

6. Course Fees

  • 7 days = 730 Euro
  • 10 days = 850 Euro
  • Please be informed a prepayment of 100Euro is required after your application has been approved.

7. Required Documents (Electronic copies required)

  1. Resume: A list of your current academic position, educational achievements, and professional activities. Provide details regarding the previous curriculum and/or staff development experiences.
  2. A completed form of ISOA Short term course. Click here to download the form.

8. Registration

Applications must include all required documents and be submitted no later than March 1st, 2019, to the Islamic School Of Art ( ISOA), The Course of Islamic calligraphy. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
For further information please contact International communication coordinator

Or Sattar Soltanpour (course director)