Persian_Islamic patterns course


Islamic art is a mystical and marvelous form of art spread widely geographically, across various nations. Iranian art, as a sub-category of Islamic art, has had an influential role in Islamic history and used to be the dominant form of art in many Islamic territories. Persian-Islamic art developed out of the beliefs, traditions, customs and lifestyles of the inhabitants of these areas. Persian-Islamic art always applies a symbolic language which shows philosophical truths governing the civilization of the ancient land of Iran and Islam.
In this course, which is taught by a well-known artist, you will become familiar with the world of Persian-Islamic patterns and learn how to draw some of them in the traditional way that was drawn a few centuries ago.
Course instructor: Ms. Hosnopanah

Course outline:

We would be learning the basics of Persian-Islamic patterns and its different methods and styles. You would be learning different floral and Islimi motives that are used in this style of painting some of which is demonstrated bellow.

This course would be suitable for everyone that is interested in Islamic or traditional arts. We will not ask for any artistic background since this course will be starting from the basics, although having the opportunity to do painting, drawing, or sketching will be a great benefit for you.

What we will learn:

  1. Simple Persian-Islamic motives
  2. Khotaie motives(floral motives)
  3. Islimi motives
  4. Different proportion in Persian-Islamic paintings

Teaching methods:

This course is mainly done by sketching and your main tool would be a proper pencil and some papers, but we would be painting some of our works at the last few sessions so you would want to prepare some tools for that as well.

We would be teaching this course online under Skyroom. Username and password to the online class would be provided after registration.

Course plan and timing:

This course will start after at least 3 complete registrations. There will be 7-8 sessions  for this course(depending on different factors such as the number of the participants, if we have more than 6 person in the class we will need more time on correction so we will need a complete session to cover that).

Each session would be about 2 hours long (upon request the timing of each class could be decreased and in return the number of sessions would increase) so the course is a 15-hour teaching course but you will be in touch with the instructor throughout the course by our WhatsApp number + one month after the course for further instructions.

Due to time differences, we will need to adjust a time that is suitable for everyone in the course, but our first option is 5 pm Tehran time (+3:30 GMT) but this time might change upon participants request (we do understand your conditions in different parts of the world so we will try our best to adjust everything as smoothly as possible).


Course fees:


Please be informed that we request the payment at least before the beginning of the 2nd class.



For registration please send your full name and your location to this number on Whatsapp:


For further information please contact International communication coordinator at

Or Sattar Soltanpour (course director) on: WhatsApp: +989112162404

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